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Chiesa Diruta International Contest

Chiesa Diruta International Contest

The Chiesa Diruta of SS Luca e Giuliano is the ideal setting for the transformation of the void, ruined monument into a vibrant, Cultural Center that will serve as a landmark for the entire region. The serene, calm and peaceful village of Grottole enhances the Renaissance ambience of the site. The core idea of the design is the creation of a “Temple” inside the original stone wall monument that floats 7 m above the ground floor level. This gesture frees the space of the main Temple floor, allowing people to visit the site and enjoy the breathtaking view over the Basento river valley. Visitors enter the site through the fallen northwest stone wall corner and cross the outdoor seating area that lead to the weather protected foyer which is bounded by perimetric folded glazing doors. This space may be used as a secondary event venue during summertime or as art exhibitions.

The design consists of two separate functions accessed from the West and the East side respectively, the Polycarbonate Sheet Wall covered Concert Hall and the Municipal Library which are connected via a narrow path on the north side of the church. All circulations within the building are accessible through flush thresholds and ramps. The Gift Shop and the Bar are located to the south side of the transept. Two elevators located on the north, lead to the concert hall level, on the opposite side of which are the dressing rooms and an outdoor bridge path leading to the Tower’s Director Office.


Grottole, Italy