Weiss Architecture Studio

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INTERelationships is a sustainable, collective housing, supported living complex with public usages that hosts vulnerable groups of people living in a collective community. The social impact of the project is important because it (re)integrates these people with work and joint participation in a multitude of activities with city residents. It may thus become a cultural attraction where interpersonal relationships develop through social, cultural and leisure revenue-generated activities run by tenants. Fundamental aim of the project is to demonstrate that UD fits into buildings or complexes with modern aesthetics by proposing a sustainable dwelling model. Sustainability is defined in terms of Infrastructure (Zero Energy), User (Universal Design, Health monitoring, Social Integration, Job offer) and Operation Management (human and spatial resources utilization, Water Management, Zero Waste).

The whole synthesis develops around the unobstructed z-shaped movement of the passer-by accessing the property, crossing through its heart via flat accesses and gentle rise ramps, entering the building and finally climbing up to the planted rooftop via the Stairwell Exhibition spaces (Overall Redefinition of the Concept of the Stairwell). There, the observer will enjoy the view over the ridge of Athens to the sea.

The most demanding design issue was the morphological and functional incorporation of the masonry remains of the two, two-storey neoclassical buildings forming the complex south facade and of the ancient masonry relics inside the body of the main residential unit block.







Architect of the Year 2020 Awards (1st Winner), A' Design Awards 2019-2020 (Iron Award), International Residential Awards 2020 (2nd Award), International Association for Universal Design Awards 2020 (Silver Award), International Design-for-All Foundation Awards 2020 (Best Practice 2020), Rethinking the Future Construction & Architecture Awards 2020 (1st Winner), Green Apple Awards 2020 (Winner), DNA Paris Design Awards (Honorable Mention), PLAN Awards 2020 (Shortlisted), S-Arch Awards 2020 (Shortlisted)