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Cosmos Sphere Chapel

Cosmos Sphere Chapel

The Design of the new Cultural & Pilgrim Center in San Lorenzo Nuovo is governed by the Cosmos Sphere in place of the Rennaissance Dome of the San Giovanni val di Lago Temple. Made of Vitro Art Glass, the 9 m diameter sphere, creates an imposing atmosphere inside the Temple reflecting the spiritual and religious character of the building. The light deflects through the series of vibrant coloured vitro glasses thus enhancing the monumental nature of the Temple.

The Accomodations of the new Cultural & Pilgrim Center are located underground. The ground is crafted in order to host the extensive building program without disturbing the serenity of the site. The prismatic and corten steel panelled volume marks the Entrance of the underground path that leads to the Dining Room and the openair Theater.



The Accomodations of the new Cultural & Pilgrim Center are enhanced with the addition of some cultural usages which are all accessed by the underground Galleria path. The path starts from the prismatic volume to the west of the Temple main entrance and through the concrete monumental staircase the visitors descend to the underground Galleria Path. The Galleria Path is composed of three Octagonal rooms separated by wide corridors. These corridors and two of the octagonal rooms are used as Art Gallery Rooms, while the middle one hosts a Library. This room has a prismatic glass roof that provides natural light and ventilation. The Galleria path leads to the Dining Room and the Catering Kitchenette located in the cave building that forms the boundary of the Open Air Theater with its Stone Facade. The kitchenette is also used as a Bar and local Wines Showcase & Shop that serves the crowded theater during the events.


San Lorenzo Nuovo, Viterbo, Italy