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The Bureau

The Yanniotis and Associates Bureau is an Internationally Awarded Architectural Firm that has completed a significant number of projects, of both small and large scale, in fields related to Residential Buildings, Office Spaces, buildings for Industrial, and Commercial use, Cultural Developments, Reformations and Restorations of Listed and Historical Buildings, Urban Planning, International Exposition Stands, Tourist Resorts, and Hotel Installations. The Bureau handled the Interior Design and Custom or Furniture Design of those spaces as well.

We offer Integrated Services that range from Preliminary Design to overall Site Supervision and Project Management, so as to guarantee a high quality deliverable for the client. We handle the studies as a whole in collaboration with a network of specialized associates varying from Site Planners, City Planners, Civil and Mechanical Engineers, to IT Managers and Experts. Our staff pride themselves on their excellence, their superior know-how, and their strict adherence to the concerns of our clients in every project, whether it is small or large-scale.

Facing towards the new challenges, the Bureau has expanded its provided services into the fields of Inclusive and Sustainable Design, which we consider to be of major importance nowadays. Integrated IT Services may also be introduced and incorporated to monitor Buildings and their users’ performance.

The future is now

We work together with you, facing towards the future to meet the changing needs of all users over time... Join us to Design for a Lifetime…


Architect of the Year Awards 2020, 1st Winner

Our Architectural Firm and its flagship project INTERelationships has been awarded by The Architecture Community in the Architect of the Year Awards 2020.

The jury comments were: “Yanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. This is a project of a modern residence at the final stage of construction in Greece. The 980 sqm Complex is designed for a large family of three generations who appreciate comfort, originality and modern style. The facade of the two-storey building attracts with its lightness. The large glass area of the house provides perfect natural light and a beautiful view of the surroundings”.

We are grateful to share the stage with many of the world’s biggest architecture firms like: Foster+Partners, Bushman Dreyfus Architects, Arrowstreet Inc., Kris Lin International Design, Studio Joseph, Venture Architecture, LHA Architectural Design,  noa* network of architecture, etc.

The Architect of The Year Awards 2020 is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine Architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. It is a forum that examines the relationship between architecture and the natural world, Architecture and the community, and the Architects and the city.

The Design panel was looking for: fresh thinking and originality, beautiful execution, great storytelling, work that pushes and progresses the client brief beyond expectations, work that emotionally connects with its people.

Silver Award in the International Association for Universal Design Awards 2020

INTERelationships has earned the most Honorable and Precious Prize with regards Universal Design. The Tokyo, Japan based International Association for Universal Design , has awarded the Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau and Constantinos Yanniotis as Head Architect of the Practice, with the Silver Award.

INTERelationships has participated in the category of Housing and Architecture

According to the Jury Panel cosisting of highly reknowned and esteemed Academics and Professionals in the field of UD, INTERElationships is considered this to be a:

Comprehensive, appealing and sustainable UD housing proposal for an innovative residential community in an urban setting. The link to environmental and social sustainability is a big asset, although the whole would be strengthened by clear evidence of user-engagement and evaluation in the roposal development process.

IAUD International Design Award 2020 had 67 entries from all over the world. IAUD International Design Award 2020 Selection Committee judged the entries rigorously and impartially, and finally selected 1 Grand Award, 9 Gold Awards, 19 Silver Awards and 35 Bronze Awards.

The IAUD International Design Award 2020 Presentation / Awards Ceremony was held on December 18, 2020.
The Grand and Gold Award winners gave wonderful presentations of their works after receiving certificates.

“Inclusivity”, the basic philosophy of Universal Design, is essentially the same as the principle of the SDGs, “No one should be left behind.” Therefore, it can be said that UD and SDGs are linked. In order to make this easier to understand, we display the relevant goals of the SDGs with each award-winning work.


INTERelationships exhibited in Xi An Design Complex Exhibition

INTERelationships, our Residential Complex project was exhibited in the Xi An Design Complex Exhibition during 01-31 December 2020, that took place in the Xi An National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base in Xi An City, China. This exhibition was held at the Shaanxi National Aerospace Economic & Technological Development Zone, HangTuo road, ChangAn District..

Hebei International Industrial Design Week was an International curated Design Exhibition showcasing the very best designs from across the Globe.

INTERelationships participated as a winner of A’ Design Awards 2019-2020.

Rethinking the Future Awards 2020 First Award

Our flagship project INTERelationships was once again internationally awarded by the Rethinking the Future Awards 2020. The project participated in the Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020, organized by the Foundation and earned the First Award in the Housing up to 5 floors (Concept) category.

RTF Architecture Construction and Design Awards 2020 offers more than 50 award categories, including concept and built categories. The Rethinking the Future award categories are grouped in five focus areas: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape, Construction and Design. Each of the mentioned categories have sub-categories including ‘Built’ and ‘Concept’ which can be selected while registration of the project.

Over more than half a decade Rethinking the Future has been a leading organization committed to providing an international platform to not only recognize and acknowledge design talents from all over the world but also to celebrate and share the knowledge that created through a plethora of awards, events and academic dialogues in the field of architecture and design.

We are honored to be part of this esteemed community and be among the awarded Architectural Firms having contributed with our work to sustainability and spread of the Lifetime Concept.

INTERelationships exhbited in MOOD Museo del Design in Como, Italy

INTERelationships, our Residential Complex project was exhibited in the MOOD Museo del Design between 15 October and 15 November 2020, that took place in the Museum of Design in Como, Italy.

The MOOD Museum of Outstanding Design was founded for the very purpose of advocating original designs by talented designers, artists and architects from across the Globe. Each year MOOD exhibits a curated selection of Award winning designs among the A’ Design Award & Competition Winners at alternating physical locations and countries in addition to online exhibits.

INTERelationships participated as a winner of A’ Design Awards 2019-2020.

Designers.org Constantinos Yanniotis Winner Profile

After having won the A’ Design Award with the participation of INTERelationships project, the project design is now being featured at Designers.org and many other publications as an outstanding, exemplary award-winning good design work. Our project design is listed at Best Designs of the World website and numerous other good design inspiration boards, magazines and blogs. We got published in some of the World’s largest and most diffused design publications, also happen to be official and accredited media partners of the design award organization.

INTERelationships exhibited in Hebei International Industrial Design Week

INTERelationships, our Residential Complex project was exhibited in the Hebei International Industrial Design Week during 17-23 September 2020, that took place in the Rongcheng Civil Sport Center in Xiongan new Area, Hebei China.

Hebei International Industrial Design Week was an International curated Design Exhibition showcasing the very best designs from across the Globe.

INTERelationships participated as a winner of A’ Design Awards 2019-2020.

INTERelationships published for the first time in Greek Media
The Greek portal KATASKEVESKTIRION.GR is the first Greek online media to having published our Internationally Awarded Project INTERelationships. We are happy that Lifetime Design, as described in the article and developed in the project, will set a new standard as a Sustanable Dwelling Model.
In this article, we had the opportunity to make a brief introduction to the values ​​and qualities of Lifetime Design:

“A Lifetime Home equally respects the scale of the child who grows up safely and comfortably in it, but also the special needs of the elderly person who lives there or visits his grandchildren, ultimately serving the needs of the family throughout their lives”

INTERelationships therefore sets a new Sustainable Housing Model that equates the User with the Energy Efficiency Planning, the Green Technologies and the Operational Management of the available resources (spatial and human, Waste and Energy management). These values ​​are consistently expressed in the design of this Residential Complex which is the culmination of our many years of research in the field of Universal & Inclusive Design.
Interview by Frank Scott | Designers Interviews

The Designers Interview Blog and Frank Scott has interviewed Constantinos Yanniotis as one of “the World’s best Architects”. After having earned the Iron Award by A’ Design Awards 2019-2020, we are proud that Yanniotis & Associate’s project INTERelationships, has been attracting the interest worldwide!

We would like to thank Frank Scott and of course the Designers Interviews for giving us this opportunity…

Design Interviews features opinions, ideas, impressions and perspectives of World’s most important designers, artists, architects and engineers.

TripAdvisor’s top Travel choices: Futuristic Tholos of Boutari Winery in Santorini

Our iconic project entitled Futuristic Tholos has been included in Tripadvisor and has been classified in the top 4 sightseeing choices. We are really proud for this achievement and that Architecture thrives even during Greek summer calmness. It is very rewarding that the travellers themselves, who enjoy the site, the building amenities and of course the famous Boutari wine etiquettes, have endorsed Futuristic Tholos as one of the best travel experiences in Santorini.

INTERelationships featured in SKYSCRAPER CITY

Skyscraper City in the section World Development News Forums has featured INTERelationships Collective Housing Proposal among the important Projects & Constructions in Athens and Pireus Cities.

SkyscraperCity is a forum community dedicated to skyscrapers, towers, highrises, construction, and city planning enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about structures, styles, reviews, scale, transportation, skylines, architecture, and more.
University at Buffalo Online Certifications on Inclusive Design

Constantinos Yanniotis has earned online Certifications on a set of courses provided by the IDEA Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access at the University of Buffalo. These courses, AIA approved, are Universal Design and Home Modifications, Practicing Universal Design, Design for Human Performance, and Predesign.

INTERelationships 2nd Award in the International Residential Awards 2020

Our Project INTERelationships was awarded in the International Residential Awards 2020, organized by TAC Awards. INTERelationships has earned the 2nd Award for its candidature in the Housing Concept Category.

International Residential Architecture Awards 2020 is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine Architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. It is a forum that examines the relationship between the Architecture and the natural world, the Architecture and the community, and the Architects and the city.

International Residential Architecture Awards were judged by two stellar panels: one for design, the other for architecture. Each of the panels will be compiled of industry experts who will use their insight and experience to deliberate the results.

The Design panel will be looking for: fresh thinking and originality, beautiful execution, great storytelling, work that pushes and progresses the client brief beyond expectations, work which emotionally connects with its people.

The Architecture panel was hoping to see: work that is programmatically, formally and spatially rich, a design that pushes boundaries, projects that address issues of sustainability a people-focused, client-driven approach.

EU Parliament Delegation Building in Athens among the most important Neoclassical Monuments in Athens

The renovated by the Yanniotis & Associates Bureau Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis Mansion has been repeatedly been included among the most important buildings of Athenian urban heritage. Sotiris Agrafas in his article in Offline Post describes briefly the history of four of the most beautiful Neoclassical Mansions of Athens city center.

Living-in-Place Institute Membership

In 2020 the Bureau and Constantinos Yanniotis became members of the Living-in-Place Institute.

The Living In Place Institute represents the future of home design incorporating the principles of universal design, aging-in-place, multi-generational living, wellness, and accessibility.  Certified Living In Place Professionaltm (CLIPPtm) graduates include architects, home builders, remodelers, contractors, kitchen & bath and interior designers who have learned how to design, build, and remodel homes for people of all abilities. Medical professionals, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, and caregivers will learn how to assist their clients in modifying their homes to reflect their accessibility needs and work directly with housing professionals.

Constantinos Yanniotis CLIPP Graduation

Constantinos Yanniotis became a CLIPP graduate (Certified Living in Place Professional) after having participated in the CLIPP class conducted by the Living-in-Place Institute.

CLIPP is the evolution of the home industry, building, and renovating all homes to be safe – comfortable – accessible. CLIPP professionals are responsible for the overall design, management, and major elements of every project.

DNA Paris Design Award 2020

Our Project INTERelationships was awarded in the DNA Paris Design Awards 2020. INTERelationships has earned an Honorable Mention for its candidature in the Housing Category.

DNA Paris Design Awards is a international award created to discover and celebrate fresh and creative designs from all around the world. In 2020 it received hundreds of entries from more than 70 countries! gathering the best of design in Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Product and Graphic.


INTERelationships was Shortlisted in the S.ARCH Awards 2020

The S.ARCH International DESIGN AWARD is dedicated to the recognition of Conceptual Designs, their excellence
in architecture and/or urbanism, architectural diversity, new ideas and their exemplary implementations around the
The S.ARCH AWARD seeks to recognize new developments in sustainable architecture, where particular attention
has been given to design schemes that use local resources and appropriate design solutions in innovative ways.
The S.ARCH AWARD pays tribute to encourage building concepts that successfully set new standards in architecture.
It may challenge, drive and inspire architects to confront more with objective of architecture and its relationship
with the environment.
The AWARD is evaluated by a professional jury from worldwide-recognised prominent international studios.

Interview with Constantinos Yanniotis about Interelationships Residential Complex

After earning the A’ Design Awards, Constantinos Yanniotis has responded to the interview concerning the design of INTERelationships project and  its significance as an alternative Sustainable Dwelling Proposal. Editor Frank Scott (FS) from DesignPRWire has interviewed designer Constantinos Yanniotis (KG) for A’ Design Awards and Competition. You can access the full profile of Constantinos Yanniotis by clicking here. Access more information about the award winning design Interelationships here.In this interview Constantinos had the chance to develop the concept of INTERelationships and share his insights, concerns and thoughts with regards to Architecture.

A’ Design Awards 2019-2020

Our Project INTERelationships was awarded in the A’ Design Awards 2019-2020. INTERelationships has earned an Iron Award for its candidature in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category.

A’ Design Awards is the most international, famous and prestigious design competition and its winners obtain a top-level achievement, an award that recognizes their excellence in design; A’ Design Award has a very large, 200+ person grand jury panel, a very well established evaluation methodology with blind-peer review process, obtains the largest number of impressions, has the greatest number of official press partners, governs the World Design Rankings, Designer Rankings and Design Classifications, and where the awarded works are translated, published and promoted in 108 languages, in which winners get exhibited in international exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and we are not even mentioning gala, yearbook and many others benefits that comes with this achievement.

INTERelationships Good Practice Award 2019

Our project INTERelationships was awarded the Good Practice 2019 Award at the International Design-For-All Foundation Awards 2020.

The 10th edition of the International Design for All Foundation Good Practices Awards recognise achievements in the field of design for all, great and small, by governments, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and professionals from all over the world. In so doing, they aim to demonstrate that the implementation of design for all/universal design in any form contributes towards improving quality of life for everyone.

At the Design for All Foundation we believe that our awards should not be a competition, but that we should recognise all examples of good practice which arise from identifying a need or problem and satisfying user requirements and expectations. Hence from this edition onwards we will honour all “Good Practices” which meet the criteria for excellence.

However, each year an international jury will select the 5 “Best Practices” out of all the Good Practices submitted to be presented with the International Design for All Foundation Award. These will be the examples which stand out in terms of their impact and which indicate the way ahead for better implementation of design for all/universal design.

Design-for-All Foundation Membership

The Bureau became member of the Design-for-All Foundation.

Design for All is the intervention into environments, products and services which aims to ensure that anyone, including future generations, regardless of age, gender, capacities or cultural background, can participate in social, economic, cultural and leisure activities with equal opportunities.

Design for All/Universal Design should be implemented in all areas because the human beings are diverse and everyone has the wish, the need and the right of being independent and choosing the own life style without facing physical and social barriers.

The open-air Theater of Volax-Tinos Island in HuffPost

HuffPost shared an article about the significant sites and villages of Tinos Island. Featured among these, Volax the famous mountain village with the granite spherical rocks that prevail the landscape. The open-air theater we designed back in 1997 is included in the guide. We are prooud that the theater of Volakas has been recognized as part of Tinos Island cultural heritage, being included to all sightseeing guides.

This sponsored article was also published online in Τήνοςnow and in Ποντίκι media.

Athens Voice Article on EU Parliament Delegation Building in Athens

Athens Voice published an article about the History of the neoclassical building known as Kiriakoulis Mavromihalis Mansion. Its renovation, conducted by Yannos and Vasiliki Yanniotis during the period 1992-1994, is one of our greatest projects and we are proud that with our work, we have contributed in the preservation of the Architectural heritage of our city.

Boutari Named Winery of the Year 2018 by ‘Wine & Spirits’

Boutari, one of Greece’s largest wineries, was recently announced “Winery of the Year” for the 18th time by the editors of the prestigious US magazine Wine & Spirits.

Every year, the magazine’s wine journalists and critics select the Top 100 Wineries of the Year after a number of blindfold wine tasting events. More than 15,000 wines were tasted last year.

Wine & Spirits included Boutari among the six best wineries in the world, which have been receiving the honor for more than 18 years. These include the Penfolds (Australia), Concha y Toro (Chile), Chateau Ste. Michelle (USA), Antinori (Italy) and Ridge (California).

Futuristic Tholos is featured among the best Wineries in the world.

Futuristic Tholos featured in Made in Greece news
Futuristic Tholos Boutari Winery in Art Travel

The Cycladic Winery of Boutaris SA with the iconic Futuristic Tholos, has been published in the Art Travel, the Art of Luxury Travelling. We are really proud that this awarded project has been appreciated for its high Architecture quality and has been published repeatedly in press or online.

Futuristic Tholos featured in Lifo City Guide

Dimitris Koumanis in his artticle wrote about Futuristic Tholos:

“…The imposing winery of Santorini with the characteristic white dome started its operation in the late ’80s and undoubtedly changed everything not only in the viticultural development of the island but also in the acceptance that Assyrtiko has today worldwide…”

Constantinos Yanniotis Research Fellow of ELOT

On May 2017 Constantinos Yanniotis along with our Associate, Industrial Engineer Costas Bissas, were assigned by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT sa) to conduct a survey in order to compose a set of indicators with which we could evaluate the state of Accessibility of Contemporary Cities. We ultimately sent the results of our study that were presented at the Event for World Standards Day at the Amphitheater of the National Hellenic Reasearch Foundation on 13 October 2017.

EXPO Athens in Heliarch 2017 Awards Exhibition

The EXPO Athens Exhibition Center Redevelopment project was exhibited at the Benaki Museum in Pireos Avenue. The projects to be judged for the Architecture Awards 2017 were works of Greek Architects developed in Greece that should have been completed in the period 2013-2017. These projects fell into categories, which in that tender were housing, communal buildings and renovation.

p_public 2017 Lecture in Chania

Constantinos Yanniotis gave a Lecture at p_public 2017 Festival, organized under the auspices of the Architects’ Association of Chania, which was held in the city of Chania the weekend of 10th and 11th of June 2017. The title of the Lecture was Accessibility in Public Space_a personal matter?

The predominant theme of the Festival was focused on accessibility in public space, through discussions that took place at the Centre for Mediterranean Architecture and events that occurred in open public spaces in the city of Chania, directly linked to the thematic axis of the festival.

Futuristic Tholos Wine Roads of Kathimerini

Maria Korachai wrote an extensive article describing Wine Roads in Greece. Featured among the best Greek Wineries is Futuristic Tholos of Boutaris SA :

“…With the vaulted parts in a dazzling white color and all the architecture being inspired by the traditional architecture of Santorini and the whole Aegean, the first contact with the winery of the company Boutari is a special experience. It is one of the first in Greece to open its doors to the public for organized tours, in 1990…”

EU Parliament Delegation Building in the Official Athens City Guide

The renovated by our Bureau Mavromichalis Mansion that now houses the European Parliament Delegation in Greece, has been included in the Official Attica Sightseeing Guide. It is very important that this 19th century Neoclassical gem has been preserved and showcased, thus getting the recognition it deserved. Many significant personalities of Greece’s recent history have crossed the building’s grand entrance. Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis studied political science in Athens and Paris. He was first elected member of parliament representing Itilo in 1879 and served as Minister of Military, Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice. With the revolution of 1909 he was appointed prime minister but a few months later resigned due to disagreement with the military association.


The Bureau moves to Mets

After 15 years in Plaka, the Bureau moved to another district of Athens city Center, Mets. The calmness and peace of this neighborhood is unique, thus creating an inspirational setting. This is why it has become very popular to many artists who have their work spaces scattered all over Mets’s characteristic, narrrow walkways.

EU Parliament Delegation Building in efsyn Newspaper

Chara Tzanavara wrote an excellent article in efsyn describing and reviving the elegance and luxury of the Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis Mansion, renovated by Yanniotis & Associates Bureau during 1992-1994 in order to house the EU Parliament Delegation in Athens.

Futuristic Tholos Featured in Kathimerini

In her article about Boutaris SA history, Tasoula Eptakoili features Fururistic Tholos mentioning the imposing Building has been repeatedly awrded and admired for its Architecture.

Great 2013_Greek Architectural Talent Exhibition

Constantinos Yanniotis and Eleni Papadaki participated with their Architecture School Thesis at the Great 2013 Exhibition which took place at the Athens Concert Hall Megaron. A collaboration between the Athens Concert Hall and the Heracles’ General Cement Company, a member of the Lafarge Group, intended to highlight the best new work in Greek architecture, identifying talented young Greek architects and giving them an international showcase for their innovative work.

An exhibition of the best graduate and postgraduate projects from Greek schools of architecture, and by Greek students attending universities abroad. The works featured have been selected in an open competition. The projects chosen by the international panel of judges will be shown in model form at the New Exhibition Hall of the Athens Concert Hall. Supplementary material relating to the projects – drawings, photographs, written texts, etc. – will be available on screens.During the exhibition there will also be lectures by the members of the judges’ panel.

Co-ordinator: Memos Filippidis

Jury: Nikos Ktenas, Manuel Aires, Mateus José, Selgas – Lucia Cano


EU Parliament Delegation Building in Athens in2life Article

The excellent article by Iro Kounadi, concerning the Historic Building Legacy of the 19th century Athenian Urban Fabric. Of course the Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis Mansion, renovated by Yanniotis & Associates Bureau is included among the most significant buildings of its time. Now it houses the EU Parliament Delegation in Athens.

3rd Prize by Domus Academy of Milan

Constantinos Yanniotis and Eleni Papadaki participated with their Architecture School Dissertation Thesis and earned the 3rd Prize for their Architecture School Dissertation Thesis at the International Dessertation Thesis Competition organized by the Domus Academy of Milan in 2012.

Constantinos Yanniotis Interview in Athina 984 Radio

Constantinos Yanniotis gave an Interview on a radio show of Athina 984 Radio Station. Starting with the presentation of his Dissertation Thesis, conducted along with Eleni Papadaki in Architecture School NTUA, he discussed the crucial issues of Disabilities and Disabled people in relationship to the living terms and facilities provided in the city center of Athens.

1st Thessaloniki International Biennale of Architecture

Constantinos Yanniotis and Eleni Papadaki participated with their Architecture School Thesis at the 1st Thessaloniki International Biennale of Architecture which was organized by the School of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Goethe Institute Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the ‘Five Museums Movement of Thessaloniki’ (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Byzantine Culture, State Museum of Contemporary Art, and Telloglion Foundation of Art – AUTh), under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The Ten Architectural Wonders of the Wine World: Futuristic Tholos

Futuristic Tholos was recognized as The Ten Architectural Wonders of the Wine World! The Boutari Winery, built in 1989, reminds us that architecture should not be fashion and that Design should focus on human and not on the architect’s ambition who starves for recognition. Twenty years after its establishment, Designcrave magazine presented a list with the most “innovative wineries of the world” and the Winery in Santorini of Yanniotis & Associates Bureau is on the list, reminding us that a well designed project has no “deadline”.

Pan-European Student Exhibition in Bari, Italy

Constantinos Yanniotis with his fellow student in Architecture School NTUA Iro Giannopoulou-Kondyli, participated with  their student Synthetic Theme of the 5th semester entitled Complex of residences and mixed uses for students of the

Stemnitsa Silvery School, in the Pan-European Student Exhibition on the Management of Traditional Settlements held in Bari under the auspices of Bari Polytecnic School in 2011. The Synthetic Theme was conducted under the Supervision of Architecture School NTUA professor Elena Konstantinidou.

Constantinos Yanniotis Architect Engineer graduation

Constantinos Yanniotis graduates from the Architecture School NTUA, after having completed his studies for 6 consecutive years. His interest in Universal Design and Sustainability was sparked during his Thesis entitled Dwelling Network for people with Mental and Intellectual Disabilities in Colonus, Athens which was conducted in collaboration with Eleni Papadaki under the supervision of NTUA Professors Theano Fotiou, Maria Kafritsa and Konstantina Vaiou.

Article about the EU Parliament Delegation Building in Athens

The renovated by Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis Kiriakoulis Mavromichalis Mansion, has been repeatedly published in press or online. The article by Mika Papadopoulou describes briefely the works that have been conducted in order to preserve the character and the magnificence of the Building, in order to house the EU Parliament Delegation in Athens.


Atlas of World Architecture

Two of our projects the Industrial Warehouses and Offices for Mevgal SA and the Twin Residences in Paros have been included in the Atlas of World Architecture.

In the past five years, the globalised trend of interior design has seemingly been led by the five cities-renowned as the cities of design, including Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London and New York. At the same time, it has become a common realization of designers around the world to explore and employ the local features for each project with the advancement of economy and culture.

The book, Atlas of World Interiors, with 500 projects selected, is a detailed and comprehensive portrayal of the best and newest interior projects from 6 continents of more than 50 countries. In detail, the projects are of different styles, such as the pragmatism of North America, the naturalism of South America, the regionalism of Asia, the minimalism of North Europe and the luxurism of the Mediterranean area.In countries such as, Iran, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and so on, the history and culture of a particular location was subtly integrated into the interior design through innovative approaches.

Moreover, this book seeks a balance between the overwhelmingly globalized trend and the increasingly personalized feature.This book offers readers a visual feast with the collection of world’s most classic interior projects and is categorized into 10 parts, including culture and leisure, restaurant, bar, shop and showroom, spa and fitness, hospital and pharmacy, office, teaching and research, house, hotel, transport and factory. Each project is illustrated with real photos, plans and text.

In addition, as one of the series books Atlas of World Interiors, this book is featured with its timeliness, globalization, regionalization, and professionalization to help readers from all over the world to find inspiration, and approach new materials and the cultural heritage.

Paros Twin Residences in Ktirio Online Magazine

Our project Paros Twin Residences, was published in Ktirio which is the first building design and technology magazine that was ever published in Greece. In this artcle, the project is described in depth and is accompanied by photographic material and drawings.

Futuristic Tholos in Arquitectura Cinco

The Boutari Winery with its famous Tholos in Santorini Island, has been published in Architectura Cinco. This blog has collected the best wineries worldwide, and Greece is represented by two Wineries, both of Boutaris SA.

Futuristic Tholos in greekarchitects.gr

Greek Architects included a presentation of our project Futuristic Tholos in its column Contemporary Architecture Work – Presentation of Architecture Projects.

Futuristic Tholos World Architecture Community Award 2009

The Wine-making complex of Boutaris SA in Santorini Island, with its  famous Futuristic Tholos was awarded in the third cycle of World Architecture Community Awards in 2009. It is remarkable that the complex that had been built in 1989, was awarded 20 years after its establishment.

International Competition Call for a Pleasure, Craft Repair, over-wintering Center

In 2007, Yanniotis-Rentzepis & Associates, participated at the International Tender for a Pleasure, Craft Repair, over-wintering Center in Kanamat, Rhodes Island. The project was Designed by Yannos Yanniotis with the collaboration of Constantinos Yanniotis who at the time was studying at the Architecture School of NTUA.

Constantinos Yanniotis enrolls at the Architecture School of NTUA

Constantinos Yanniotis enrolled at the Architecture School of NTUA after having qualified through the Entry Exams in December of 2005.

Yannos Yanniotis interview on Hellenic Center for Investment

ELKE, Hellenic Center for Investment, was an Agency responsible for seeking, promoting and supporting foreign direct investments into Greece. A lot of useful financial and legal information about the regulations, the procedures and the opportunities for business investments in Greece were provided to potential investors.

At the time, Yannos Yanniotis was the Head Architect of the Golf & Resort Development in Matala, Crete and he was interviewed by ELKE. This interview was about the potential of success similar investments in Greece and the issues that usually occur in the process of such big projects. Yannos Yanniotis’s interview was published online in ELKE’s website.

Yanniotis-Rentzepis & Associates Ltd

In 2005 we established a partneship with Mr. Ioannis Rentzepis, civil engineer. The company ran until 2009 when Mr. Rentzepis left for Lausanne, Switzerland. This collaboration left significant projects such as the Twin Residences in Paros and the Sand Hotel & Resort in Kyllini, the Pleasure, Craft Repair, and over-wintering Center in Kanamat, Rhodes Island, the design of the Open-Air Theater in Valtesinico.

yanniotis-arch went online

Yanniotis & Associates created their first site back in 2005. We are proud to be one of the first Greek Architectural Firms that went online! The design of the site was pioneering and elegant thanks to our graphic designers Antonis Panagiotopoulos-Piperian and Natasa Servou who run Patitiri Design.

Patitiri has also designed the current newest version along with the Developer Christina Kaskoura.

Vassiliki Yanniotis passes away

Vassiliki Yanniotis has left behind a huge legacy. Her passion for the Interior Design of all our projects, and for the Design of EU, Cambas, Boutaris SA and many others Exhibitions Stands at the greatest Exposition Events like Agrotica and the International EXPO of Thessaloniki, is invaluable. Her commitment to our clients’ needs and concerns was legendary thus gaining their respect and appreciation.

Constantinos Yanniotis joins the Bureau

Constantinos Yanniotis right after his graduation as a Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer at the University of Patras, joins the Bureau.

Architecture Collaboration with Paul Niilend

During the period 2002-2006, we collaborated with Paul Niilend, Architect Engineer NTUA. During this period many significant projects were developed, such as the Mall in Vouliagmenis Avenue, the Industrial Warehouses and Offices for Mevgal SA, the Design of the Golf & Resort Layout in Matala,Crete. Paul has been working at Yanniotis & Associates Bureau for 10 consecutive years (1992-2001) after his graduation from the Architecture School.

The Bureau moves to Plaka

The Yanniotis & Associates Bureau moves to Plaka, to a Multistorey Listed Building which had been renovated by our Practice back in 1985. The Bureau remained there until 2015, when it moved to an old downtown, picturesque district of Athens called Mets.

EU Parliament Delegation in Greece featured in EK Magazine

EK Magazine published a main article composed by Nikos Karagkounis. The article describes analytically the works that took place in the Historic Building of Mavromichalis Mansion in order to house the EU Parliament Delegation in Greece.

Award in Thessaloniki International Exhibition

In September 1997 Vassiliki Yanniotis on behalf of our Bureau, was awarded by the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Chairman for the perfect organization and aesthetic presentation of the exhibition stand of EU Commision.

Open-air Theater in Volax

The open-air theater in Volakas, Tinos Island was constructed in 1997. Since then it has become a significant landmark and tourist attraction of the village of Volakas. The cultural events and festivals that take place every summer are organized by the Volax Cultural Association. We are really proud for having contributed in the cultural development of Volax village with this project, the design of which was donated by Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis.

The 25-seat EU Conference Table published in Press

Lena Pagoni dedicated an article about the 25-seat Conference Table of the EU Parliament Delegation in Athens. The article was published in Eleftherotypia Newspaper on January 1997.

Mavromichalis Mansion presented by Municipality of Athens in the Municipal Gallery

The Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens in the context of an event that would be housed in the Municipal Gallery in order to promote a Historical and Aesthetic review of Athenian Neoclassicism included the Mavromichalis Mansion and requested from our Bureau to provide the informative material. The Mavromichalis Mansion was transformed and regenerated to the EU Parliament Delegation Offices in Athens, a project that was designed and supervised by Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau.

Award in Thessaloniki International Exhibition

In September 1993 Vassiliki Yanniotis on behalf of our Bureau, was awarded by the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Chairman for the perfect organization and aesthetic presentation of the exhibition stand of EU Commision.

EU Parliament Delegation Building in Athens International Tender

Our Bureau won the EU International tender for the Redevelopment of the Scheduled Historical Building of Mavromichalis Mansion, into Liaison Offices of the European Parliament in Athens. The renovation works were completed two years after the assignment of the project to our practice.

Vassiliki Yanniotis participates in the Greek EU Commission Deputation Team
Vassiliki Yanniotis participates in the Greek EU Commission Deputation Team

In 1991 Vassiliki Yanniotis represented Greece for a second consecutive year, appointed by the EU Commission, in the events that took place throughout the year inside and outside Greece.

Vassiliki Yanniotis participates in the Greek EU Commission Deputation Team

In 1990 Vassiliki Yanniotis represented Greece, appointed by the EU Commission, in the events that took place throughout the year inside and outside Greece. The 12th of June 1990, a special ceremony took place in Zappeion under the auspices of EU Commission Greek Deputation, led by Vassiliki Yanniotis. This ceremony was specially organized to honor the European Year of Tourism. The feast peaked when a huge hot-air balloon lift off high in the Athenian air. Vassiliki Yanniotis was the first passenger on board.

Yanniotis & Associates Bureau establishment in 1980

After their studies in the Architecture School of Geneva (E.A.U.G.) and having worked for more than 6 years in renowned Architecture Firms in Switzerland (Geneva) and Belgium (Brussels), Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis decided to return in Athens and established the Yanniotis & Associates Bureau. The Bureau was located in Kolonaki, an upscale neighborhood in central Athens on the southern slopes of Lycabettus hill. Its name derives from the two metre column (located in Kolonaki Square) that defined the area even before the area’s urbanization.

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis early years 1975-1980

By the end of 1975, Yannos Yanniotis along with Youssouroum Noah and Pechlivanidis Stellios established their Architectural Office at 39 Kleomenous Street in Kolonaki-Athens. In 1978 they founded a Company and erected as contractors the Multi-storey Office Building at 29 Mhalakopoulou Avenue.

In November 1978 Constantinos Yanniotis was born.

Commendation Praise by the Ambassador of Israel in Athens Nissim Yaish

Vassiliki Yanniotis earned a Commendation Praise by the Ambassador of Israel in Athens Nissim Yaish, for the successful organization of the exhibition The Old Testament in World Music which our Bureau curated and set up.

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis return to Athens

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis after their 13-years adventure in Switzerland and Belgium, decided to return to Greece in order to practice Architecture on their own in Athens.

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis in Brussels 1971-1975

In May 1971 Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis moved to Brussels. Yannos was enrolled at the School of Urban Planning in Abbaye de la Cambre. Along with his studies, he had been working until 1975 in the office of PC Humblet, as an Associate, in significant projects such as the student dormitories of Université catholique de Louvain and the preparation of the study file of the Health Center of Ourossogui in Senegal, under the auspices of the Hospital program of Fleuve Region, funded by the FED.

It was during that period that Yannos Yanniotis was introduced to the Bauhaus Movement (bare concrete in all its morphological elements of the building structure, bare brick masonries, iron or aluminum window and door frames, wooden or granite flooring, etc. In other words what Mies van der Rohe would call Less is More.

At the Cambre School Yannos Yanniotis studied until the Diploma Thesis, in which he developed a counter-proposal for the development of the city, against the spatial, urban planning of the city of Ioannina conceived by Contantinos Doxiadis in which he had employed the Western model of urban development.

Yannos Yanniotis though, was always intrigued by Architecture by both its Morphological and Social aspects (human relations) along with its effects on the environment.

Vassiliki Yanniotis worked at the Coulon & Notterman Bureau in Brussels until 1972 when Maria-Patricia Yannioti was born.



Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis work at a.s.s. Bureau in Geneva 1970-1971

The a.s.s. Bureau was founded in 1964 in Geneva by three young architects – Michael Annen, Rolf Siebold and Hans Siegle, who came from Zurich. From the founding of the office, the classic services of the architect, which are the project and the realization, were supplemented by town planning and land use planning.

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis were first introduced in Architecture Practice working in many individual villas and heavy prefabricated buildings. They had been working for almost two years during the period 1970-1971. Yannos Yanniotis worked under Siebolt’s Team that was responsible for the design of private residences and Vassiliki Yanniotis was under Siegle’s Team that was leading the design of the biggest building projects assigned to the Bureau.

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis graduate from the Architecture School of Geneva

The Architectural teaching in the School of Geneva, was based on the philosophy and the study program of Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, thus giving great emphasis on the morphology of the Architectural work. Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis completed their studies and graduted in 1970.