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I'm Constantinos

Architect - Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer

Constantinos Yanniotis is an Architect Engineer (NTUA, 2011) and a Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer (University of Patras, 2003). He joined the Yanniotis & Associates Bureau in 2003 right after his graduation from Patras University where he earned the Specialty of Aeronautical Engineer. In 2015 he has been promoted as Yanniotis & Associates Head Architect,. He has more than 10 years of personal research in the field of Universal Design, Inclusive Design and Living-in-Place concept. He has earned Certifications after having taking part in courses offered by the IDEA Center for Universal Design & Environmental Access of the School of Architecture and Planning at the NY State University at Buffalo. IDEA Center Universal Design, being pioneer in Research and Development with regards to Universal Design.

Constantinos Yanniotis has been one of the first CLIPP graduates in Europe, after the successful completion of the Certified Living In Place Professionalâ„¢ class. This class, approved for continuing education by International Interior Design Association, National Kitchen & Bath Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, American Society of Home Inspectors, and others, creates interprofessional networks of experts working to make all homes safer and more convenient to live in.

His flagship project INTERelationships, designed in 2019, has been developed in order to propose a Sustainable Dwelling Model by redefining the Sustainability term. This proposal of a Sustainable Residential Complex with Public Usages, upgrades Sustainability, to include the User-centered Lifetime Design and the Operational Management with regards to resource (both spatial and human) and waste management, along with Energy Efficiency Design of the Building Shell.

So far INTERelationships has gained global recognition and respect through its successful participation in International Awards Foundations by whom it earned numerous Awards and Distinctions.