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Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis in Brussels 1971-1975

Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis in Brussels 1971-1975

In May 1971 Yannos and Vassiliki Yanniotis moved to Brussels. Yannos was enrolled at the School of Urban Planning in Abbaye de la Cambre. Along with his studies, he had been working until 1975 in the office of PC Humblet, as an Associate, in significant projects such as the student dormitories of Université catholique de Louvain and the preparation of the study file of the Health Center of Ourossogui in Senegal, under the auspices of the Hospital program of Fleuve Region, funded by the FED.

It was during that period that Yannos Yanniotis was introduced to the Bauhaus Movement (bare concrete in all its morphological elements of the building structure, bare brick masonries, iron or aluminum window and door frames, wooden or granite flooring, etc. In other words what Mies van der Rohe would call Less is More.

At the Cambre School Yannos Yanniotis studied until the Diploma Thesis, in which he developed a counter-proposal for the development of the city, against the spatial, urban planning of the city of Ioannina conceived by Contantinos Doxiadis in which he had employed the Western model of urban development.

Yannos Yanniotis though, was always intrigued by Architecture by both its Morphological and Social aspects (human relations) along with its effects on the environment.

Vassiliki Yanniotis worked at the Coulon & Notterman Bureau in Brussels until 1972 when Maria-Patricia Yannioti was born.