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I'm Yannos

Architect E.A.U.G.

Yannos Yanniotis was born in Thessaloniki in 1945. In 1964, he enrolled in the School of Architecture of the University of Geneva (Ecole D’ Architecture De L’ Universite De Geneve – Suisse). In 1970, he graduated having earned a degree in Architecture.

Yannos Yanniotis was first introduced in Architecture Practice working in many individual villas and heavy prefabricated buildings at the a.s.s. Architectural Bureau in Geneva. He had been working there along with Vassiliki Yanniotis for almost two years during the period 1970-1971.

In 1971 he resided in Brussels where he stayed until the end of 1975. During that period he was employed in Pierre Camille Ηumblet Urbaniste E.N.S.A. Bureau. At the same time, he was a student at the School of Urban Planning of the University of Brussels (Abbaye De La Cambre).  Having the role of Associate Architect, he drafted the preliminary designs of the Student Dormitory Complex and the Construction Details for the School of Exact Sciences of the University of Louvain – La Neuve (1973 – 1975), among other projects. In 1970 – 1972, he was in charge of the Construction Detailing set of drawings of the Hopital Ourossogui Hospital in Senegal.

In 1975, he returned to Greece and 5 years later, he established the Yanniotis and Associates Architectural Bureau, along with his wife, Vassiliki Yanniotis, an Architect as well. In his long-lasting activity, as Head Architect along with Vassiliki Yanniotis, the Bureau has completed a significant number of projects, of both small and large scale, in various fields of building design and urban planning. Several of these projects have been awarded and published in press or online.

Yannos Yaniotis continues to contribute to the Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau from the position of Senior Architect.