Weiss Architecture Studio

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Good Architecture respects life and human existence. A well designed building is a life container that affects directly the lives of its inhabitants; their productivity, their mood, their attitude. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the wellbeing of someone?

Architecture Design above all means Responsibility; responsibility towards the Client, the User, and the Environment. Architectural Design criteria such as Function, Aesthetics, Materiality, Sustainability, Reliability, Performance, Interaction, Empowerment, Perfection, Flexibility to Change, are all values that a good design should possess.

Central to our design approach in each project, is the Lifetime Design philosophy; a design that creates environments which respects their users, enables and empowers them.

When Architecture focus on Human and Environmental Sustainability, there is plenty of room to create a better society for the next generations. Setting the user at the center-of-interest, architecture may well accommodate Sustainability not only in terms of Energy Consumption and Waste Management, but also in terms of the user’s needs, desires and wellbeing.