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Twin Residences in Paros

Twin Residences in Paros

The plot is located in Velania on the island of Paros and has an area of ​​8050 sq.m. in L-shape and access to the East side from an existing rural road. The terrain of the plot from north to south has a gentle slope. Due to its location, it has limited building capacity and is subject to special Building – Morphological laws that accompany the Cycladic islands.

The building plan consisted of two equal, independent Residences of total area of 280 sq.m, that develop on two floor levels. Each house has a basement for storage purposes. Due to the gentle slope from North to South and the view to the bay of Diros, the houses are developed in the short northwestern leg of the plot. The long leg is used for cultivation and planting.

Both houses on the West and the East, are accessed through a central courtyard. The western house entrance is accessed from an inner courtyard created to the south of the kitchen and the living room. To the north are the areas of ​​the bedroom with its bathroom and to the west the block of the guest-house of the western residence. The first floor is accessed through a separate outdoor staircase, climbing from the north semi-outdoor space that connects the two houses. The master bedroom and bathroom along with a small kitchenette are located there. A variation of this layout applies similarly to the Eastern house.

Next to the main courtyard on the South, the swimming pool and the underground water tanks of the two houses are located. The stone masonry volumes of the guest rooms along with the gray window and door frames, enhance the morphology of the white plastered walls of the main spaces. The scattered, small, cubic, white volumes are connected with loggias in order to form a single shell, thus pointing to the Cycladic Architecture.


Marpissa, Paros