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Three Summer Residences Complex in Paros

Three Summer Residences Complex in Paros

The plot is located in Ambelas of Paros Island. It is quadrilateral-shaped with total area of ​​10,040 sq.m and access from S-W by an existing rural road. It is coastal with a privileged N-E sea front of 71 m. The plot is accessed from the short front of the quadrilateral to the west. The relief of the plot has a slight slope of 12%. Due to its location, it has limited building capacity and is subject to special Building – Morphological conditions that accompany the Cycladic islands.


The wish of the owner and his 4-membered family was for the building of a total area of ​​405 sq.m with 205 sq.m basements, to function as a single space, providing the flexibility to be divided into three Independent Houses (A-B-C) in the future. The C Residence would compose the Guest House having a surface on the ground floor of 95 sqm. It consisted of kitchen, living room, bedroom with bathroom and semi-outdoor area.

Due to the relatively gentle slope of the plot, the obligation to maintain a distance of 15.00 m from the lateral boundaries of the plot and the view to the sea, a route starting from the West entrance towards NE was created. This route had a gentle slope of 6% in order to accommodate all users and a parking space with capacity of six vehicles. Then, with a combination of 6% sloped ramps and sets of four steps, it crossed the area of ​​the guest house (C) and ended up to the entrances of houses A and B, accessed through a central courtyard.

On the ground floor of houses A and B the main living room  was located, accessed from the courtyard. To the right of the entrance, there was the kitchen with the dining room, the guests’ restroom, a bedroom with a bathroom and a staircase that led to the basement and to the first floor as well. To the left there was a secondary living room, an office space, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. The first floor included a bedroom with a bathroom and a small balcony.

Within the limits provided by the building regulations, an outdoor pool measuring 16.00×6.50 mm was designed. The alternation of the loggias (semi-outdoor spaces) with the closed white volumes of the guest rooms, onthe route to the seafront to the left of the central courtyard, enhances the morphology of the complex.





Ambelas, Paros Island