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Summer Residence Landscape Regeneration

Summer Residence Landscape Regeneration

The plot of 7,686.46 sqm to be landscaped is located on the coast of Galatas area of the Peloponnese, in a location known as Plaka-Aliki in the municipality of Poros, Trizinia.

The plot can be accessed by a rural road in the Aliki area. Already on the plot are four scattered holiday homes of various sizes with ceramic tiled roofs used as temporary accommodation, an outdoor dining area with pergola, a large swimming pool, a pergola-covered path with stone columns which leads down to the sea, an outdoor berthing area for yachts for members of the family and the remainder of the plot is land with scattered fruit trees, olive trees and local vegetation.

The owner wanted to utilise the area so that it was possible for it to be used at the same time by people from the age of 16 to 90. The sea launch for yachts, the stone colonnade which leads to the existing detached two-storey residence were retained. What is more, all fruit and large pine trees were retained as well as all low walls – parapets in the grounds made of stone.

 New activities – land uses were visually isolated from each other by high Leyland cypress hedges on the west and north along the length of the retained pathways (which we will term as a ‘separator’) so they function in relationship to each other and ensured a view of the sea.

Concerning the pathways, the starting point for this plot is the entrance gate at the junction of the retained pathways. The route through the ‘separator’ was demarcated with two paved pathways, one on the gateway – sea axis and the other focused on the reception area and the pool.

All the activities / land uses were laid out within the separator on both sides of the pathway. Sport and entertainment were located to the left of the gateway – sea. Catering/ Reception – contact with water and sun was laid out to the right of the gateway – sea. Finally, he landscaped grounds and the choice of materials for the pathways and planting around the land uses highlights, identifies and reflects the wishes of the owner for several generations to co-exist on the property.




Galatas, Trizinia, Poros Island