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Pytharia 5* Hotel & Bungalows Resort in Crete

Pytharia 5* Hotel & Bungalows Resort in Crete


This project is a proposal for a 5* Hotel with Bungalows Resort in Northern Crete.The Bungalows cover the three quarters of the plot approximately thus leaving the South East corner for the development of the Hotel of the Resort which is located at the highest level of the plot. The Bungalows are arranged in Clusters of two, three or more units. Between the Bungalows clusters, a series of Swimming and Decorative Pools are arrayed following the gentle slope of the ground. The free, organic form of the Layout applies also to the Pedestrian and Buggy paths.

The main entrance to the complex is located to the North East corner of the plot from where a path leads the visitor to the the Main Entrance of the Hotel and to the Lobby in order to complete the check-in and then be transfered either to their Hotel room or Bungalow.

The “PYTHARIA” Concept

“Pytharia” in Greek is a word used to describe the large Terracotta Containers used to store food in the ancient times. These Containers continue to be utilized until today in various shapes and sizes. Thus the “Pythari” concept is the core idea that shapes the design of the whole complex; i.e. the layout of both the 5* Hotel and the Suites Bungalows.

The Circular Form of the container provides a Shelter against the Northern winds and the intensive summer sun, while at the same time it enhances the Privacy of each bungalow unit. In addition, this form oriented always to the North-South axis, provides abundant sunbathing and acts as a protective shelter from the noisy front of the National Highway.


Northern Crete




Alexis Chortogiannis, Architect NTUA - Stratis Papastratis, Architect NTUA


Vassilis Symeonidis, Architect NTUA


BLT Built Design Awards 2022 (Winner), Global Future Design Awards 2022 (Silver Winner), World Design Awards 2022 (Winner)