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Pleasure, Craft Repair and Over-wintering Center

Pleasure, Craft Repair and Over-wintering Center

In 2007 we responded to the International Design Competition Call for costructing a Pleasure, Craft Repair and Over-wintering Center in Kanamat Rhodes, with the development of the layout that spread the uses along with the corresponding buildings across the beach front lot.

In addition to the building programme which had been prepared and provided by the contracting authority which related to the pleasure craft repair and over-wintering centre, and functions such as centre administrative functions, competitors were obliged to submit an activities development plan of their choosing, and to document its competitiveness and viability. The criteria upon which the layout of the complex was set werewere Functional Allocation of the activities bearing in mind their diversity. Furthermore, the potentially related uses were grouped together on the grounds of reason for visit, e.g. shopping – leisure. Thus the activities proposed included a Pleasure craft repair and over-wintering centre (Ship repair building, Ship parking area, Floating jetties with berths for 120 vessels, Hotel with 20 rooms), Administration and catering buildings (Administration building, Visitor and employee parking area), Coast Guard (Area for exclusive use by coastguard), Commercial and cultural uses (Outdoor concert area with catering area under roof, Mall).


Municipality of Rhodes