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Olympic Games 2004 Training Center

Olympic Games 2004 Training Center

In 1998 our practice undertook the design of a Sports Center on a site in the Municipality of Cholargos on the Tsakos hill. The Sports Center would operate as a Training Center for the 2004 Olympic Games and would include the following:

  1. An accommodation area with guest houses, lecture halls etc.
  2. Venues for cultural and scientific events, i.e. conference center, outdoor theater and exhibition spaces.
  3. Parking spaces.
  4. Sports facilities consisting of a football and mini soccer field, basketball, tennis and squash courts, a gym and other sports venues.
  5. A community gym opposite the existing ‘Antonis Tritsis’ gym, a jogging route, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor recreation area.
  6. The sports center administration offices.

Municipality of Cholargos




Tsakos Hill, Cholargos, Athens