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Olive Grove Residence

Olive Grove Residence

The house is found in Liotifi, in Spata, a site in the middle of an olive grove with an excellent view to Mesogaia and its full of cultivated plots of land hills. The shape of the plot was a quadrangle covering a surface of 6,980 sq.m and is accessible from the S-W by a rural road. The relief of the plot has a slight slope of about 5.5% from S-E to N-E.

The building plan included a house that would be the permanent residence of the owner. It consisted of two floor levels and a basement. The total area of ​​the house is 258 sq.m and the basement is 85.02 sq.m. The view was to the South. The house was placed oriented to that view at a distance of 15 m from the lateral boundaries of the plot, which created a problem in the management of the project (excavations-embankments) because the curves of the ground had a S-W direction.

The house follows a horizontal arrangement. A two storey high part of the house surrounds an atrium, rich in vegetation. The layout of the house achieves maximum sunlight in all spaces. The ground floor includes a large living room, kitchen and sitting area and a bedroom for the elder members of the family. The rest of the bedrooms are on the first floor. During the design process, special emphasis was drawn to the form and shape of the house, its roof and terraces in order to achieve harmony with its surroundings.

The entrance of the house is located in the middle of the south side of the house. The dominant element of the residence is the sunny, planted atrium of internal dimensions 4.35×4.35 m with the ground floor spaces developing around it. The patio allows direct lighting in areas that are not favored by the orientation. To the right of the entrance is the staircase that leads to the basement and to the first floor. To the left of the entrance is the living room of internal dimensions 7.46×7.46 m, which is topped by a wooden, tiled roof.

Two corridors on the east and west sides of the atrium lead to the main areas of the ground floor. The Western corridor provides access to the kitchen, the dining room and an office space while the Eastern connects the living room with the bedroom and its bathroom, accessible to the elderly relatives. The bedroom has also direct access to the kitchen area.

The first floor of the residence includes the family bedrooms along with the bathrooms and the balconies. The staircase also rises to the walkable and visitable roof of the building. The basement is used as a storage room and playroom.

Regarding the exterior walls colors, an ocher was chosen by the architects, which adapts to the surroundings plantation of olive trees. Years after the construction of the residence, the house was painted with the characteristic deep red color of Mount Athos, according to the owner’s wish.




Spata, Attica