Weiss Architecture Studio

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Hill House

The country residence is situated a few kilometers away from N. Stira in Evia. The site is by the sea, has a steep falling gradient (>30%) and great views. The access to the seaside is through a footpath. The house, apart from the spaces that would serve the four-member family, also included three guest rooms. The design consists of a courtyard around which the house develops. Through the courtyard one can access the different spaces. In terms of the house morphology, simple forms have been used with a combination of flat and pitched, tiled roofs.

The living areas have direct access to a terrace overlooking the sea, through a covered wooden pergola. All three family bedrooms have unobstructed view to the sea, while the kitchen and the guest room overlooked the courtyard and have independent access. From the outdoor parking lot, a spiral path crosses two additional guesthouses, located below the outdoor terrace of the living room, and leads to the beach through landscaped levels adjusted to the slope of the ground via concrete walls.




N. Stira, Evia Peninsula