Weiss Architecture Studio

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Expo Athens Renovation

The objective of this project was the Aesthetic Upgrade in the shell of a pre-existing building that functioned until recently as an Exhibition Centre, being one of the largest buildings of its kind in the Attica basin.  The proposed intervention, so the building, in its new form, can respond to modern requirements and terms that govern the image and operation of exhibition centres, is composed of four main axes.  The first axis of intervention regards to the radical change of the facades which can be achieved, on the one hand through the clarity of the building blocks and on the other hand through the use of new materials which compose the new character of the building.  The second axis regards to the redesign of the direct surroundings with materials and conformations that welcome and guide the visitor to the main entrance of the building and from there to its inside.  The third axis is about the spatial positioning of new function of mass catering combined with the overall reorganization and optimal exploitation of the available spaces of the building.  Regarding the fourth axis, in addition to these interventions was also required the streamlining and arrangement of the mechanical installations.  That is being achieved through the use of elements of Oxidized Bronze (metal boxes) which contain the air-conditioning installations and arrange the facades.

Lastly, the building is coated with a complexion of polycarbonate sheets, that provide the ability of indirect sun lighting as well as floodlighting inside the building, whilst during the night they create an appealing atmosphere through the artificial lighting in the building.






Alexis Chortogiannis, Rena Tavernaraki