Weiss Architecture Studio

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EIB Office Spaces in Athens

EIB-European Investment Bank assigned our Bureau with the development of the Layout and the Interior Design of their Delegation Offices in Athens. The EIB-BEI Office Spaces were first established in Kolonaki in 1983, moved to Syntagma square in 1986 and in 1989 to Chalandri. Yanniotis & Associates Bureau was responsible for the Renovation of EIB-BEI Delegation Offices in all three locations.

The individual office spaces consist of the Reception along with the Secretariat Bureau, the Director’s office, the Management’s space with the Offices of the Associates, the meeting room. The Press Conference Space was designed based on the needs of the European Investment Bank and functions as an Exhibition space as well, providing information to various stakeholders on EIB activities in Greece. Of course, the necessary hygiene spaces along with a kitchenette for the preparation of meals and a small dining room for the employees and executives are incorporated in the Design and Layout of the space.

The offices were equipped with all the appropriate telephone and satellite networks for non-stop operation all day and night long. The central management of BEI in Luxembourg, and in particular Mr. B. Eynard and Mr M. Hatterer, assisted where necessary and monitored the project in all its phases.