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Aquarium Doctor’s Practice

The entrance to the Doctor’s Practice leads directly to the spacious and comfortable Waiting Room. The Reception is located to the right of the, protected by the architectural elements that make up the space. The rest of the rooms, ie the doctor’s office, the two examination rooms, the sanitary areas as well as the small multipurpose space (food, small meetings, small office, kitchenette) are all private and accessible from the aisle behind the socket. The doctor can visually contact the secretariat from this area, through a glass opening in the wall located behind the reception desk.

The patient confirms his appointment and is directed to the waiting room in which the Aquarium has a prominent location, acting as an element for relaxation.


To create a modern and highly aesthetic surgery, the suggested materials should create a welcoming and warm atmosphere, while reflecting prestige and class, that corresponds to the level of the providing medical service. The patient entering the doctor’s office feels secure and welcome because the space itself predisposes him accordingly. The natural textures of wood are preferred, along with furniture with modern aesthetics, and the walls are painted in colors that match the tones and textures of the surfaces.

The Aquarium and planting offer warmth in contrast to the prevailing white hues of the space.







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