Weiss Architecture Studio

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Lifetime Design

We Design for a Lifetime

Design for a Lifetime is creating stimulus, functional and welcoming environments that enhance the sense of belonging; Meeting the ever-changing needs, desires and wellbeing terms of all users through a lifelong design; It is also an Architecture that highlights our relationship with Earth and Nature and respects the environment we all live in.

Creating a place where children will be born and grown up to young adults, where adults will evolve and grow old, where older, frail people will reflect in wisdom or be challenged by their own age.

The user’s needs and desires should be met and the design ought to be Flexible, allowing them to interact with it. Aesthetics and Functionality should not compete with each other and should both add value to the living environment. A Design that follows the goals and Lifetime Architecture principles, that caters for the needs of all possible users, ultimately seeks to accommodate Quality of Life.

With the aid of technology, spaces may be transformed into vibrant living units that boost self-esteem and self-conception.