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The "Yanniotis and Associates" Bureau have been active in the field of Architectural Planning and Studies since 1977. The consistent course the Bureau has embarked on throughout all these years has brought significant success, worthy of the experience of its founding members.

In its 30-year activity, the Bureau has completed a significant number of projects in the fields of design drafting and supervision of both small- and large-scale works in various fields of building design and urban planning (residential buildings, office spaces, industrial buildings, tourist facilities - golf resorts & sports centers, culture, restoration and reformation of listed historical buildings, urban planning, decorating, special designs, etc.).

In the field of architectural drafting, our bureau drafts complete designs in collaboration with a specialized network of associates (topographers, urban designers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers), who maintain a permanent or a part-time collaboration with the Bureau. These designs account for the latest developments in bioclimatic technology and alternative energy sources.

This presentation of the work that the "Yanniotis and associates" Bureau has carried out is dedicated to the memory of Kiki Yannioti, who left prematurely, for her significant contribution to its creative work.